Saigon Cafe App Reviews

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It's convenient, but needs improvement

I have used this app three times to order online now. You can pay and specify a tip within the app. You can additional items like fried eggs and extra shrimp, etc to each plate or even tapioca for example to some of the drinks. There are two issues and one suggested improvement for the app. The first issue that is critical is being able to edit your cart after adding items. I added a Thai drink and realized I meant to choose a 24 ounce. It would not let me change that. The interface almost made it seem like I could go back to the menu item which was checked and change it. When I clicked on the menu item again and chose the correct size, it added a second drink to my order and I still can't remove the original I intended drink. So far, I can't even figure out how to clear my cart without removing the app which would clear all of my account info. The second issue is not being able to see all of the item description which makes it difficult for trying new dishes I haven't eaten there. It shows only what can fit in each placeholder with no option to expand. The suggested improvement would be pictures that can be viewed (maybe not on by default for bandwidth reasons), again in the case where a customer does not know what they are getting. Maybe you could add full descriptions of each dish and an associated picture all on one page within the app. Other than these issues, I like the app. I just need to figure out how to clear/edit my cart so I can use the app again.

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